Kitchen Staff - Train Crew

Job Description

Wilderness Express prides itself on providing our guests an exceptional dining experience in our full service restaurant. The kitchen and dining room are located on the main level of the rail cars and seat up to 36 guests at a time. Each rail car has two kitchen staff working closely together with responsibilities including cooking and plating food for both guests and crew, busing tables, washing and sanitizing all dishes/silverware, assisting with delivery of food and drink to tables/seats, and completing additional duties as needed! Did we also mention that this all takes place while moving on a train!

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:
- Providing first class service during breakfast, lunch, and dinner for up to 240 guests throughout a 14 hour shift.
- Check inventory and supply levels according to manifested guest count.
- Knowledgeable and familiar with all food and beverage menu items including modifications, substitutions, and potential allergens.
- Consistently execute full dining menu items according to specifications provided.
- Capable of lifting and balancing full serving trays.
- Wash all dishware and cooking utensils after meal service.
- Maintain a clean and sanitary kitchen environment throughout the day, while also completing weekly side work and end of the day cleaning assignments.
- Compliant with health and safety regulations involving food handling, temperature guidelines, labeling and storage.
- Promote teamwork and positive relationships with crew members, railroad personnel, and Tour Directors that accompany their guests onboard.
- Assist with additional duties as needed.


1900 Premier Court, Anchorage, AK, 99502

Listing Closing Date

09 / 16 / 2023


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