Airport Shuttle Van Driver

Job Description

Position Title: Shuttle Van Driver

Wage: $21.00 per hour*, based upon $16.00 per hour Base Pay, plus $3.00 per hour Attendance Bonus, plus $2.00 per hour End of Season Bonus

Working Conditions: Five days a week including weekends with ½ hour lunch. 35 – 40 hours per week.

Supervisor: Customer Service Manager

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

❑ Responsible to transport guest to/from the airport and assist guest with their luggage.
❑ Responsible to assist in maintaining the neatness and safety of work area.
❑ As needed, assist Customer Service Agents with returning clients.
❑ All other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

 Must be at least 25 years of age with a clean driving record. (Current copy of driving record is required)
 Must maintain clean driving record during employment. (No tickets). Insurance requirements do not allow us to hire any applicant that has been convicted of reckless driving or driving while intoxicated.
 Must be able to lift loaded suitcases - lifting in and out of pickup vehicle, office, and luggage storage. Approximately 70 pounds.
 Ability to deal with clients and resolve customer complaints.
 Must be self-motivated in looking for and completing tasks that contribute to the operation of the business.
 Must punch in and out for the workday and in and out for your lunch break.
 Must be able to work through October 7th, including weekends and holidays.
 Must have consistent and reliable work attendance.

* Certain restrictions, qualifications and limitations apply. All bonus program wages are earned as outlined in the current Great Alaskan Holidays, Inc. Employee Policies and Procedures Manual. The wages per hour presented in this document represent the earning potential of this position if these conditions


9800 Old Seward Highway, Anchorage, AK, 99515

Contact Info

Mary Eldridge
[email protected]

Listing Closing Date

08 / 15 / 2023


Please contact Mary Eldridge (Customer Service Manager) at either (907) 677-4509 or [email protected], or Shannon Brady (Assistant Customer Service Manager) at either (907) 677-4511 or [email protected] You may contact either of these individuals or stop by in person at 9800 Old Seward Highway to submit an application.