Alaska Travel Specialist

Job Description

A seasonal Alaska Travel Specialist is a frontline contact point for potential visitors seeking assistance planning their visit to Alaska. An Alaska Travel Specialist will communicate with guests over the phone and via email to plan their travel itinerary. Specialists use an internal computerized reservation system to manage and work through the reservation process with travelers.

A typical day will include processing travel leads and inquiries, answering phones, responding to email communication, preparing quotes, processing payments, document distribution and other miscellaneous office duties as assigned.

During the summer’s operational timeframe (May-September), Alaska Travel Specialists will supplement their daily schedule with time supporting Park Connection Motorcoach operations at the Dena’ina Center curb greeting passengers. Assisting with passenger check-in, the loading of luggage, and the boarding of travelers for an on-time departure will be the primary duties.


3900 Arcitc Blvd. Ste 304, Anchorage, AK, 99503

Listing Closing Date

11 / 30 / 2023


Applications can be found at and sent to [email protected]. For more information or to apply in person, come visit our office at 3900 Arctic Blvd Suite 304 in Anchorage.