Dinner Cook, Seasonal, Free Room and Board

Job Description

About Camp Denali in 2023
Camp Denali is a small, family-run wilderness lodge located in the heart of Denali National Park. The Park Road is temporarily closed at its midway point, meaning that our only access is by air. In 2022, we successfully operated as a fly-in lodge and we will continue to do so until the Park Road reopens in 2025. Our remote location combined with limited access informs our risk management efforts, including our policy that all staff and guests be up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccinations.

Position Description
The dinner cook position is responsible for preparing and plating dinner for guests and staff at Camp Denali. This leadership role also includes assisting with the training and daily oversight of an assistant cook and kitchen helper and has responsibility for overall kitchen organization and cleanliness during the shift.

Pay is $21.00 per hour / $31.50 per OT hour / $215.25 per 9.5-hour day. Employer may pay higher wages based on seniority with Camp Denali and level of skill. Room and professionally prepared meals are provided free for the summer. A travel stipend is paid upon completion of a full season. Gratuities are pooled and divided equally among all staff, amounting to approximately $500/person/month.

Major Functions
The dinner cook prepares dinner for approximately 30 guests (plated and served from the kitchen) and an earlier seating (buffet) for 30 staff. Single choice dinner entrées include a meat or fish entrée and a vegetarian option, as well as vegetable and starch side dishes. Staff meals are created from the same guest product (or different product) but with creative approaches since staff members spend the entire summer on location. The dinner cook is a team leader, responsible for training, delegating, creating an effective team atmosphere, and supervising an assistant cook and kitchen helper. Additionally, the dinner cook is responsible for maintaining a clean and organized workspace, sharing workspace with other cooks, doing their own dishwashing, and for ensuring overall kitchen organization and cleanliness during the shift.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
The job requires the creation of premium quality products made from basic ingredients, without dependence on pre-made, commercial mixes. Experience and demonstrated ability with volume production, portion control, plating and garnishing, meat fabrication, vegetarian cooking, organization, and time and space management are also necessary. This position is appropriate for someone with a well-developed palate and an artistic eye for presentation. To achieve success in this position, a dinner cook must demonstrate aptitude and willingness to patiently mentor and to guide others in a team-oriented environment, as well as being open and comfortable receiving feedback and guidance. Must be able to effectively communicate concerns and proposed solutions to the Executive Chef, as needed.

Other Requirements
• A solid educational and experiential background in food preparation and service. At least two years of fine dining cooking experience is required.
• Bring a genuine desire to live and work in a remote, self-sufficient, small community setting.
• Be up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccinations.
• All staff are required to have a current Alaska Food Worker card (online, on-demand, valid for three years).

Working Conditions & Physical Demands
Physical demands include lifting and carrying 50# sacks, moving heavy trays of product, being on one’s feet for long periods, loading and unloading heavy objects from hot ovens and dishwashers.


Mile 89, Denali Park Road, Denali National Park, AK, 99755

Listing Closing Date

02 / 28 / 2023


Please visit Camp Denali's employment website to submit an online application. You will be prompted to upload your cover letter and resume as part of the application. Be sure to save them as one PDF in order to upload both documents.