Board of Directors ATIA

Board of Directors

The Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors. The ATIA Board of Directors guides the Association’s priorities as the state’s leading nonprofit membership association for the Alaska travel industry. The Board of Directors approves ATIA’s annual budget and takes action on issues important to tourism businesses and partners.

The ATIA Board of Directors is made up of members representing small and large tourism businesses and different sectors of the travel industry. The ATIA Board of Directors is also comprised of regional representatives, including elected directors from the Arctic, Interior, Southwest, Southcentral, and Southeast regions of the state. Directors also are elected to At-Large (statewide) and Outside seats.

Elections are held each September with electronic ballots sent to ATIA members in good standing as of August 31. Results are announced to the membership in early October and elected members are seated during ATIA’s Annual Convention. View the 2023-2024 Board of Directors Election Candidates. 

2022-2023 Board of Directors


Board Chair
Craig Jennison, TEMSCO Helicopters – SOUTHEAST (E – exp 23)

Vice Chair
Josh Howes, Premier Alaska Tours – SOUTHCENTRAL (E – exp 24)

Government Relations Co-Chairs
Dennis McDonnell, Alaska Coach Tours – INTERIOR (B – exp 23)
Elizabeth Hall, John Hall’s Alaska Cruises and Tours – OUTSIDE (E – exp 25)

Secretary/Membership Chair
Emily Edenshaw, Alaska Native Heritage Center – AT-LARGE (E – exp 23)

Treasurer/Finance Chair
Dave McGlothlin, Holland America Group – OUTSIDE (E – exp 23)

Tourism Policy & Planning Chair
Colleen Stephens, Stan Stephens Glacier & Wildlife Cruises – AT-LARGE (E – exp 24)

Marketing Co-Chairs
Dan Rough, Holland America Line – OUTSIDE (E – exp 25)
Jacqueline Taylor-Rose, White Pass & Yukon Route – SOUTHEAST (E – exp 24)

Immediate Past Chair
Scott Habberstad, Alaska Airlines – OUTSIDE (B – exp 23)

ATIA President & CEO
Jillian Simpson, EX OFFICIO


Matt Atkinson, Northern Alaska Tour Company – ARCTIC (E – exp 23)
Adriel Butler, Borealis Base Camp – SOUTHCENTRAL (E – exp 23)
Heather Dudick, Alaska Railroad – INTERIOR (E – exp 25)
Mandy Garcia, Salmonberry Tours – SOUTHCENTRAL (E – exp 25)
Dave Karp, Nome Discovery Tours – AT-LARGE (E – exp 23)
Juno Kim, Ovibos Consulting – AT-LARGE (E – exp 25)
Scott McCrea, Explore Fairbanks – INTERIOR (E – exp 24)
Liz Perry, Travel Juneau – SOUTHEAST (E – exp 25)
Stacey Simmons, Koniag – SOUTHWEST (E – exp 25)

Lalanya (Lanie) Downs, Cruise Line Industry Association – Alaska (B – exp 23)
Camille Ferguson, Sitka Tribe of Alaska (B – exp 23)
Bill Pedlar, Knightly Tours – OUTSIDE (B – exp 23)
Linda Springmann, Port of Seattle – OUTSIDE (B – exp 23)

Anthony Giliam, Premier Alaska Tours

Holly Johnson, Wings Airways & Taku Glacier Lodge – SOUTHEAST (B – exp 23)

*E = Member-Elected
**B = Board Elected

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