Public Policy

The power of the Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) as a membership-based trade association is driven by our members: the many diverse and varied individuals and businesses that are a part of the Alaska tourism industry. As a group, we advocate for a strong, healthy and quality tourism industry benefiting state and local economies. A main value to our membership is ATIA’s ability to lend a tourism voice to national, state and local issues that may impact our industry.


ATIA works with our members and partners to let political leaders, media, and others know about our stories and sharing why tourism is an important economic contributor to communities and the State of Alaska. The ATIA Government Relations and Tourism Policy and Planning committees and the ATIA Board of Directors monitors issues throughout the year. For more information on ATIA’s Public Policy efforts, request ATIA action on a critical infrastructure project, or to join a committee, please contact ATIA.

Public Policy Initiatives